I spent the day in Southeast Portland recently, in an area called Hawthorne. Reportedly a very Portlandy part of Portland. I can confirm that this is an accurate characterization.
Let me first say that there are five Tibetan shops within as many blocks. Is there really that significant an expat population, or… Is it hippies? I wasn’t aware there was a huge hipster demand for Tibetan shit.

Green oil is… what the Hulk washes off his face in the morning?

He told me he shot a man in Reno just to watch him die… and then munched on some righteous bamboo.
(I’m not kidding. The street performer in a panda hoodie was doing a folk reinterpretation of Johnny Cash.)


The only thing sustainable I require of my taqueria is my supply of tacos.


Hipster Soap in EVERY bathroom.  Want Softsoap?  Look elsewhere, you square.


Let’s ignore, for the moment, the Hipster Darth Vader, Hipster Leia, and Hipster Wookie outfits.  This place sells “modern vintage.”  Can someone explain that to me?  Do they sell jumbo shrimp here, too?

And finally…


Because of course.


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